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1. I am a Graphic Designer.


2. I am passionate about design, creativity, and helping others.


3. Being a former athlete, I thrive through teamwork.


4. As a designer and in my personal life, I always strive for

    success and ways to make myself a better person.


5. I love my lists - as a super organized person, I am constantly         making to-do-lists.


6. My favorite color - it changes daily. Every color suits me and       as an artist, I'm not partial to just one.


7. I am always looking for new opportunities, new challenges, and     ways to grow.


8. Deadlines, no problem! As a recent grad, I have learned how         to multi-task and design efficiently with a time crunch.


9. Fun Fact: I work best with backround music/noise. Rarely will         you see me working in silence!


Ashley Upham